Thursday 14. March 2013

Effects of global warming on Icelandic streams

Primary producers in sub-Arctic streams and the influences of temperature and nutrient enrichment on their succession is the title of Rakel Guðmundsdóttir's Ph.D. thesis, which she defended at the University of Iceland last autumn. This Friday, March 15, Rakel will give an introduction to her thesis during the weekly Lunch Lecture.
Eight first order streams in a confined area, varying in temperature, in the Hengill geothermal area, SW Iceland were selected to test hypothesis concerning the effect of nutrient addition and temperature on the community structure of primary producers.

Rakel Guðmundsdóttir finished her B.Sc. degree in biology from the University of Iceland in 2005 and a Ph.D. in biology from the same university in 2012.

Lunch Lecture starts at 12:10 in the University Centre cafeteria. The talk will be in Icelandic.