Monday 11. March 2013

Diploma programs in Technology - distance learning

Thursday, Mars 14th, Vilborg Hrönn Jónudóttir, project manager at Reykjavík University, will present diploma programs in Technology, taught in distance learning. Everybody interested in the programs are invited to the University Centre cafeteria at 15:00 to learn more about the programs.

The School of Science and Engineering at Reykavík University offers three different programs in Technology. These are practically oriented diploma programs at post-secondary level, rooted in traditional trades: Construction Technology, Mechanical Technology and Electrical Technology.
Each diploma program is 90 ECTS credits and is operated solely as distance learning. The program is planned to have a duration of 3 years alongside work, however, by concentrating on full study activity, it can be completed in 1,5 years.

The programs is taught in Icelandic.