Monday 4. April 2011

Close to three hundred guests at the Vestrahús

The open house on Friday, at the Vestrahús building, was a great success. Close to three hundred guests attended and learned about the different activities in the building. Staff members answered questions and gave guests an insight into their daily activities.

The facilities of the Marine Research Institution were a popular spot, where a remote controlled submarine and an underwater camera were on display. Another popular spot was the laboratory of Kerecis, a company that is manufacturing and developing a unique marine-derived tissue regeneration products and creams. Guests were given a short overview of the company's products and the opportunity to mix their own creams. The Avalanche Research Centre was also a hot spot during the open house. Staff members of the centre screened and explained videos of avalanches that were set in motion by explosives for research purposes.

The University Centre and other institutions and companies of the Vestrahús building would like to express its gratitude to guests for taking the time to visit.