Wednesday 13. July 2022

CMM student wins Green Thesis Award

Coastal and Marine Management student, Ivan Nikonov, has been awarded a Green Thesis Award for his master’s thesis titled “Using a macroalgal cultivation system in wastewater bioremediation: a case study of Bolungarvík, Iceland.”

The award was established by the Environmental Council and the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Akureyri to increase the amount of green research among students, and to honor students who incorporate sustainability topics into their final theses.

Ivan’s thesis research fits this category excellently. His work focuses on solving problems of wastewater in remote Icelandic communities. “Remote Icelandic communities are often characterized by limited information about the composition, distribution and volume of wastewater,” Ivan explains. “In my research, I tested the ability of the experimental plot to perform primary wastewater treatment and measured changes in the concentrations of pollutants entering the port area of the Bolungarvík municipality from several wastewater outlets.” He also emphasized sustainable solutions in his work as he explains further: “Not only was the plot made from recycled materials, but also it significantly reduced the concentration of domestic-sourced nitrogen in municipal wastewater.” Although the project was focused on Bolungarvík it adds to knowledge that can be transferred to other places as Ivan explains: “The results addressed in this Master’s thesis can be considered as a supplement to the developing technical knowledge base of Icelandic remote communities, with the expansion of which the proportion of treated sewage can be increased.”

The University Centre is happy to see important work like this recognized and congratulate Ivan on his achievement. We are certain that his work will have an impact on sewage treatment in small communities in Iceland in the future.

Ivan Nikonov was awarded the Green Thesis Award.
Ivan Nikonov was awarded the Green Thesis Award.