Friday 26. March 2010

CMM Graduate Settles Down in Skagaströnd Iceland

Jacob Kasper who just completed his requirements for a Masters of Natural Resource Management in Coastal and Marine Management at the University Centre of the Westfjords has started a joint research position at Hafro (the Marine Research Institute of Iceland) and BioPol in Skagaströnd.

Jacob comes from the United States where he earned a Bachelor's degree from Bates College and a Master's degree in Biology from Harvard Medical School. As a Coastal and Marine Management Masters student, Jacob worked with Hafro for his thesis studying non-commercial fin-fish species in Iceland. After completing his work at the University Centre he was hired to work on two different research projects, stationed at BioPol in Skagaströnd. He is performing stock assessments and studying the biology of lumpfish (hrognkelsi) as well as studying the diet and age of seals in Húnaflói bay.

The University Centre is happy to see its students finding their way on the job market after graduation and wishes Jacob and his family all the best in the future.

Jacob on the job in Skagaströnd.
Jacob on the job in Skagaströnd.