Thursday 24. October 2013

„Bolungarvík - to change a village into a thoroughfare“

In this week´s Lunch Lecture, Friday 25th, Soffía Vagnsdóttir will introduce her main findings in her Master thesis she wrote in her study in Cultural administration from the University of Bifrost.

In the thesis Soffía introduces actual case studies from other sites where widespread changing has occurred, where complete industries have collapsed and communities have in the aftermath opened their arms to entrepreneurs with new ideas. The purpose of all this is to argument that Bolungarvík could have a bright future based on changed attitudes, powerful cooperation of residents, political authorities and managers in companies and institutes with entrepreneurs. With changed thinking, expressed policy, creative work methods, collaboration with social entrepreneurs and active and common involvement and power of cooperation of the inhabitants, Bolungarvík could again prosper and start developing their community unto a future of more communal wealth.

Lunch Lecture starts at 12:10 at the University Centre cafeteria and is open for the public. The talk will be in Icelandic.