Thursday 30. July 2009

Beach Clean-up on the Northern Side of the Westfjords

In the next two week, from the 3rd to the 17th of August, 10 volunteers with Worldwide Friends will be working to clean and research sections of the beaches in Dýrafjord, Önundarfjord, Súgundafjord, Bolungarvík and Hornstrandir. The project encompasses environmental action, social cooperation and research. The group´s primary sponsors are the University Centre of the Westfjords, Björgun ehf and Hotel Núpur.

The program´s goals are to discern the condition of the area, to survey the amount of trash on the beaches, where it comes from and lastly to compare the data to international surveys. The conclusions and analysis of the conditions will be presented in a final, completed report. The purpose of the annual project is to collect information about the area over time that can then be used to monitor the area into the future. The group will be lead by Danielle Stollak, a masters student in the Coastal and Marine Management Program at the university Centre. She will assist in setting up the research project and help direct the group.