Thursday 27. October 2011

Avalanche forecasts for Súðavíkurhlíð and other roads – Joint Nordic project SNAPS

In this Friday Lunch Lecture, September 30, Harpa Grímsdóttir and Magni Hreinn Jónsson, will present the joint Nordic project SNAPS (Snow, Ice and Avalanche Applications), which is lead by the Icelandic Snow Avalanche Research Centre, a branch of the Icelandic Met Office.
The project deals with transportation and snow in northerly regions and focusis on the development of information services to enhance the safety of road users.
Harpa Grímsdóttir is an geographer specialized in avalanche risk.
Magni Hreinn Jónsson is an engineer with a M.Sc. degree from the University of Iceland.
The talk will be held in the University Centre cafeteria, begining at 12.10 and is open to the public. The talk will be in Icelandic.