Thursday 22. September 2022

Autumn Programme of the campaign „Íslenskuvænt samfélag – Við erum öll almannakennarar“.

The University Centre of the Westfjords, the Life Long Learning Centre of the Westfjords and the municipality of Ísafjörður, Ísafjarðarbær, together with a number of individuals, started a campaign earlier this year called „Íslenskuvænt samfélag – Við erum öll almannakennarar.“ This campaign is meant for people who want to speak Icelandic: Both those who are still learning Icelandic and want to use every opportunity to speak the language, and those who already speak Icelandic (as a mother tongue) and would like to practice to speak clearly and slowy and develop patience.

The campaign started in May with a well attended  conference, followed by a variety of community events. Now the campaign presents its autumn programme and each programme item will be specially advertised on our website. The program can be viewed here to the right.

The first event will be a walk with the hiking club Ferðafélag Ísfirðinga, where the focus will be on speaking Icelandic. The campaign will end in November on the national Day of Icelandic Language. 

The goal of the campaign is to increase community participation and if you have any new suggestions, please contact Ólafur Guðsteinn Kristjánsson, who has been organising UW's summer courses for exchange students for some years, as well as teaching these courses since 2010. Moreover, Ólafur is a teacher at the Lifelong Learning Centre and University of Iceland, and had a big part in the creation of the campaign.