Wednesday 11. November 2009

Attitudes and conditions of Immigrants in Iceland

In the Lunch Lecture, Friday November 6, Ari Klængur Jónsson from the Multi Cultural and Information Centre in Ísafjörður will present a recent study on attitudes and conditions of immigrants in Iceland.

The study was conducted by the Social Science Research Institute at the University of Iceland in collaboration with the Multicultural and Information Centre. Approximately 800 participants of foreign origin participated in the study. The respondents anonymously answered and submitted a questionnaire that contained more than one hundred questions, either by post or in person in their place of work.

The findings reveal many interesting facts, such as:
  • The percentage house ownership.
  • The average income among the respondents.
  • The number who have signed an employment contract in their current job.
  • Whether the participants are interested in learning Icelandic.
  • The percentage interested in participating in activities of political parties or other political organizations in Iceland.

In his talk, Ari will  discuss the difference in attitudes based on residency and whether the conditions of immigrants in Reykjavík are better or worse than those of immigrants living in the countryside.

The talk will be in Icelandic and will be held in the cafeteria of the University Centre. It starts at 12.10 and is open to all who are interested.

The following organizations sponsored the study: Icelandic Confederation of Labor (ASÍ), the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Security, Public Health Institute of Iceland, Reykjavík Municipal, the Association of Local Authorities in Iceland, SA-Confederation of Icelandic Employers, the Directorate of Labor and Þróunarsjóður innflytjendamála (Fund for development in immigration affairs).