Wednesday 13. May 2015

Artist's perspective on the field of coastal management

David Bruce, a visiting artist from Maine, USA, is participating in the Westfjords Artist Residency currently taking place in Þingeyri.
On the initiative of UW-students, David will give a presentation of his work at the University Center to provide an artist's perspective and contribution to the field of CMM. The talk (in English) will take place on Thursday, 14.05.2015 at 15:00 and will be open to the public.

David has spent the past months travelling seven coastal cities in five different countries, developed and developing, in order to investigate and better understand how megacities close to the sea will prepare for rising sea levels and increasing storms when populations are growing. He is using his art including  a series of sketches, paintings, and other creative works in order to depict the challenges man faces in major coastal metropolises that are at risk of catastrophic damage due to climate change.

Raised in London, England, until the age of 13, David Bruce became fascinated by the complex systems that make up the metropolis. His interest in cities led him to major in economics and environmental studies at Bowdoin, where he has concentrated on urban issues.

David is hoping to reveal the many ways these vulnerable cities and the people in them are learning to cope with and be resilient to the great risks posed by climate change.

David Bruce is these days participating in the Þingeyri Arts Residency
David Bruce is these days participating in the Þingeyri Arts Residency