Friday 6. March 2009

Art Exhibition at the University Centre

Gallery Dynjandi , in Bílduldalur, is traveling around the Westfjords displaying " Stone from Bíldudalur" and the "Westfjords at Winter". The exhibition will be open at the University Centre March 7 and 8 between 13.00 and 18.00.

The exhibition is a combination of sculptures and paintings by Hanna Woll from Germany and photographs, three dimensional pictures and projected photos by Hafdís Húnfjörð from Tálknafjörður.

Jón Þórðarson, the curator, will talk about the works with guests, focusing specifically on the photographs. On March 7, Jón will discuss the exhibit with the guests throughout the day and on March 8, he will be available for further discussion during the last two hours.