Tuesday 12. March 2013

Aquaculture Field Trip

[mynd 1 h]On Monday February 25, students attending the course Aquaculture went on a field trip to take a close look at the aquaculture facilities of the company HG in Álftafjörður. Before the trip, students received a presentation about the company activities by Kristján G. Jóakimsson, director of marketing and processing at HG.

The group was divided in two subgroups that were welcomed by Barði Ingibjartsson and Eiríkur Ragnarsson from HG, in Súðavík. Barði then accompanied the groups to the cod aquaculture pens in Álftafjörður where students could examine the cod up close and experience the feeding process. It was a rainy day as can be seen on the photos, but students were happy with the trip and enjoyed the short boat ride to the pens.

[mynd 2 h]"The field trip was great and an indispensable part of the aquaculture course. A field trip gives quite a different insight into the practicalities of aquaculture, and supplements the more theoretical approach of lectures and seminars", said dr. Peter Krost the instructor of the course. When asked about the environment and facilities for aquaculture in the Westfjords, dr. Krost replies that the water quality is high in the area and that the long coastline and number of sheltered fjords provides an attractive environment for aquaculture. In addition to that he points out that the population in the area has a positive perception of the industry. None the less there are some threats for aquaculture: "Not all fjords have enough water exchange to sustain the requirements of fish aquaculture which requires additional feeding and environmental problems such as oxygen deficiency in the water can occur", dr. Krost adds.

[mynd 3 h]The course was a great success and Dr. Krost was happy with the stay in Ísafjörður: „Next to the field trip another highlight was a role play game in which we played a semi-realistic situation on environmental problems of aquaculture in the societal context. The role play included scientific as well as decisional elements, and corresponded very well with the active and committed student group", dr. Peter Krost replied just before he left for Germany where he works at the firm CRM Coastal Research and Management.

The University Centre would like to thank dr. Krost for his teaching and HG for their time and effort to provide students with a great learning experience in the field.

More photos from the trip can be seen in our photo collection.