Friday 9. October 2009

Adventurous Sailboat Field Trip

The sailboat Aurora.
The sailboat Aurora.
"When we first got on Aurora, Siggi, the captain, told us what to do if someone were to fall overboard, so I was a little scared at first. The he proceeded to tell us how to leash ourselves onto the boat if it got rough and I thought - what have I gotten myself into?

Throughout the trip all that kept crossing my mind was this: How many people in the world have been here, in this place, doing what I am doing? Out of the billions of people on the planet, how many have seen what I am seeing? How many people have had the opportunity to sit on a sail boat at 6am to watch the sunrise over a fjord, looking at a place with no inhabitants, so close to the Arctic Circle?

As we sailed back toward Ísafjörður on Saturday night there wasn‘t a cloud in the sky and there were so many stars. I had never seen so many stars in my life. There was no city to block them and there was no noise except for the sound of the waves hitting the side of the boat. I never would have experienced this if I had not come here, to Ísafjörður, for this program."