Wednesday 11. December 2013

A Public Discussion: Sustainable Cruise Ship Tourism in Ísafjörður

Megan O´Brien, a master student in Coastal and Marine Management at the University Centre of the Westfjords has for the past few months been working on her masters thesis, where she looks at Sustainable Cruise Ship Tourism in Ísafjörður. She is especially looking at the tolerance of the town and it´s inhabitants to create a positive experience of cruise passengers and at the samt time keeping a positive attitude towards the companys that service them. There is a growing interest in the impact of cruise tourism worldwide but little attention has been given to the impact it has on communities or cultural influences. Sustainable governance is required so that passengers will receive a positive experience of the visit. To find out what the people of Ísafjörður think about this Megan made a fairly extensive survey on the subject and many inhabitants of Ísafjörður participated in.

Now there are only few days until Megan will leave Ísafjörður, and before she does she would like to inform those who are interested in the field, about her findings, the survey results, some examples and advice for managing impacts.

The discussion will be held in Classroom 1, in the University Centre, this Friday, Desember 13th. At 12:10. The talk will be in English.