Thursday 2. February 2012

A Conversation: Is Personalized Medicine in Your Future?

In this week Lunch Lecture Dr. Betty Gallucci will speek about personalized Medicine. The prospects of personalized medicine became a reality with the sequencing of the human genome. Pharmacogenetics promised to tailor prescribed medications to an individual patient. By knowing the individual's genetic make-up the physician would be able to choose the right medication in the right dosage. By knowing the genetics of a patient's tumor, the right drugs would be chosen to target an individual patient's tumor. But is personalized medicine a naïve notion? Is personalized medicine realistic considering the interconnection between a person's genes, cells, metabolism, environment and community? What is the reality? Should the conversation be about patient-centered medicine?

Dr. Betty Gallucci is the Associate Dean for Academic Programs in the School of Nursing at the University of Washington, Seattle Washington. Her area of interest includes understanding the experience of minority students in the professional nursing program and teaching assessment skills to undergraduate nursing students. Her clinical area of interest focuses on the oncology patient and understanding how tumor biology, immunology and genetics impact cancer therapy.

The Lunch Lecture is held in the University Centre and is open for public. It starts at 12:10 and the talk will be in english.