Saturday 14. July 2018

10 years SIT Study Abroad in Ísafjörður - Alumni meet with this year's field school

Even though the University Center of the Westfjords (UW) is still a relatively young institution, some of its activities have already put down long roots. For the first time now, alumni from the School for International Training (SIT) have met in Ísafjörður for a ten years reunion to reminisce in good memories.

Chance brought it about that this year’s summer field school dwelled in Ísaförður at the same time.  Both groups were delighted to meet to exchange experiences and opinions, and this year’s students enjoyed the unique opportunity to ask the alumni what impact their stay in Iceland had on their careers. 

SIT Study abroad has been visiting the UW with a field school on Renewable Energy, Technology, and Resource Economics each summer since 2007, making this year´s group the 12th return.

The SIT field school are not just part of the university centre’s work, but also of the lives of many Ísfirðingar. While here in town, students stay with local host families, where they are able to learn what it is like to live in a typical Icelandic family.  Since their studies in Iceland, many SIT students have returned to visit their families.

Also noteworthy is that the same Academic Director as in 2008 - Dave Timmons - has returned to Iceland in charge of this year´s group. Dave is a renewable energy economist with a PhD in environmental economics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Has been associated with SIT for many years, has lived in Iceland for some time and still remembers a fair amount of Icelandic.

Pernilla Rein has served the field schools at UW for many years and has passed on her tasks now to Astrid Fehling.