Saltverk sea salt products is an example of marine related innovation in the Westfjords. See further on Photo: Saltverk.
Saltverk sea salt products is an example of marine related innovation in the Westfjords. See further on Photo: Saltverk.

To be accepted to the Marine Innovation program applicants must have completed bachelor’s level university study, regardless of whether BA, BSc or BEd. The master’s committee applies further rules on entrance and the maximum number of students. Students submit an application form and must also each submit a cover letter in which they say a bit about themselves, their circumstances, why they want to enroll in this particular program and what expectations they have of it. The application must also include an introduction to the innovation project the student wishes to pursue alongside the courses. It is normal for the project and its implementation to develop as the program progresses.

The teaching schedule is personally tailored to each student. It is anticipated that students should have good knowledge of Icelandic and English in order to take full advantage of all that the program has to offer.

For further information about the master’s program in Marine Innovation, please contact



The annual registration fee for Coastal and Marine Management at the University Centre of the Westfjords is ISK 150,000 for Icelandic students and those from other EEA/EU countries, and for those who come from countries outside the EEA the registration is ISK 300,000.

The annual fee is collected for each academic year and should be paid by July 30 each year before the coming academic year begins. Students pay the annual fee after they receive a letter of admission.

Registration fees should be directed to the following bank account in EUR:

Account Name : Haskolasetur Vestfjarda
Account Number : 0154-38-710068
Account Address : Sudurgata 12, 400 Isafjordur, Iceland
Swift number: NBIIISRE 
IBAN Number : IS98 0154 3871 0068 6107 0502 20
Bank name: NBI hf
Bank address: Austurstræti 11, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland

It is also possible to pay the annual registration fee by credit card or in USD/CAD. For further information please contact Kristín Ósk Jónasdóttir,

Registration fees are charged for each academic year and shall be paid in full by 30thJune each year for the next academic year.

Right to education
Students who do not pay the registration fee on time are deemed to have forfeited their right to study or pursue further studies at the University Centre. A student is deemed not to be enrolled until he/she has paid the registration fee.
The registration fee is non-refundable. In exceptional circumstances, however, a student may apply for a refund of tuition fees, but only in exceptional circumstances such as serious illness. Each case is assessed individually. Any student applying for a refund must do so by submitting a written request to the Director of Education and Teaching were the reasons for the request are explained and relevant certificates and documents are submitted. If a refund is approved, the student never gets repaid more than half of the registration fee.

Please be aware that your application will not be processed until all required documentation has been received. . 

  1. Official evidence of previous education as well as academic records in the form of certified transcripts.
  2. Curriculum Vitae.
  3. References from at least two people.
  4. Certification of English Language proficiency (if applicable).

Further queries about the master’s degree in Marine Innovation can be sent to