Zoi I. Konstantinou

University of Porto, Portugal, as networking focal point related to issues of Science-Policy interface regarding biodiversity, and for the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, as a post-doctoral researcher

Vísindamaður við Háskólann í Porto, Portúgal og Aristotle háskólann í Þessalóníku í Grikklandi

Zoi I. Konstantinou (Greece) has been an active researcher in the field of ICZM. Her PhD is in the field of "Development and utilization of conceptual and numerical models for Integrated Coastal Management (ICM)". She is currently working for the University of Porto/Aristotle University of Thessalonik, as a post-doctoral researcher in issues related to ICZM and MSP. She has been been working in large European projects regarding coastal and marine management, but also regarding science-policy-society interface in other environmental matters. She started her career in the Coastal SAF implemantation, that was a product of the SPICOSA project.



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