Tiina Tihlman

Ministerial Adviser at Finnish Ministry of the Environment

Ráðgjafi í umhverfisráðuneytingu í Finnlandi

For the past decade, Tiina Tihlman has been a ministerial adviser at the Department of the Built Environment at the Ministry of the Environment, Finland. There, she has been in charge of international spatial planning cooperation and developing maritime spatial planning and integrated coastal zone management in Finland. Tiina has also been a representative of the Finnish Government and Ministry of the Environment in the work under the EU's Transnational Structural Fund Programmes, e.g. Baltic Sea Region Programme. She has been responsible for Nordic spatial planning cooperation and for arranging spatial planning ministerial meetings of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Prior to working for the Ministry, Tiina worked for the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities as a Land Use Planning Specialist, where she carried out projects for developing land use planning in Finnish municipalities.

She has also been employed as an adviser at the Finnish Academy of Science´s Bioscience and Environment Research Unit, where she prepared decisions on ecological research funding under the Research Council for Biosciences and Environment (FIM 42 million).


Marine Spatial Planning CMM40


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