Þorleifur Ágústsson

Research Manager RORUM ehf

Rannsóknastjóri RORUM ehf

Dr. Þorleifur Ágústsson finished a BSc in biology from the University of Iceland in 1993. After graduation he went to Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish) to work on an honours BSc in animal physiology with emphasis on hormonology. Þorleifur finished the BSc honours exam in 1994 and started working on his PhD in the same field that same year. He finished his PhD from the University of Gothenburg in spring 2001.

After finishing his PhD Þorleifur moved back to Iceland and worked for deCode Genetics for three years. Since the summer of 2004 Þorleifur worked as a project manager in fish farming for Matís. He has over 20 years experience in research and has been a leading scientist in a number of research projects in the field of aquaculture and environment. From 2014-2019 Þorleifur was the head of research in marine ecosystems at IRIS (NORCE) in Stavanger Norway. Currently Þorleifur is the research manager of Rorum ehf. in Reykjavík, Iceland.




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