Pernilla Carlsson

Researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Water Research

Vísindamaður við Pernilla Carlsson Norwegian Institute for Water Research

Pernilla Carlsson (Sweden) is an environmental/analytical chemist at Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) in Tromsø, Norway. She holds a PhD degree from the University Centre in Svalbard/UiT. The title of her PhD thesis is Selective uptake processes of environmental pollutants induced by climate changes. Before moving to NIVA in Tromsø, Pernilla has worked as scientific (ice) diver for Norwegian Polar Institute, had a postdoc in analytical chemistry at RECETOX, Brno, Czech Republic. She has and is still working closely with AMAP on Arctic pollution. Pernilla’s main research topics is pollution in the Arctic, including anything from long-range transported pollution and marine litter to fate and occurrence of sea lice pesticides. 



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