Norm R. Catto

Professor of Geography, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Prófessor í landfræði við Memorial háskólann í Nýfundnalandi, Kanada.

Norm R. Catto, Professor of Geography, Memorial University of Newfoundland. My research interests include coastal landforms, natural hazards, sea level change, and the impacts of climate change in coastal environments; fluvial landforms and dynamics, response of river systems to climate and weather events, and flood risk assessment; glacial landforms and dynamics; mass movements and slope failures; geomorphic processes in permafrost, arctic, and northern boreal environments; aeolian geomorphology and anthropogenic stresses on dune systems; palaeosol development over time; the impacts of climate and weather events to transportation, fisheries, and communities; and the history of climate change.. My research has included projects and investigations in environments in Scandinavia, Estonia, Russia, Serbia, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Peru, and throughout Canada. I am co-author of the Atlantic Canada chapter of the Natural Resources Canada study on Impacts and Adaptations of Climate Change, and of the Canadian edition of Natural Hazards and Disasters, for Nelson Publishing. I am Editor-in-Chief of Quaternary International, a professional international journal dedicated to the study of landscape evolution and climate variation throughout the past 3 million years. Graduate students working with me receive training in areas such as geomorphic response to climate change and variation in a variety of settings; and assessing, coping with and adapting to weather- and climate-related natural hazards.



Áhrif loftslagsbreytinga og hækkunar sjávarborðs á umhverfi strandsvæða, náttúruhamfarir, landbrot og landslagsbreytingar strandsvæða.

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