Mike Philips

Professor, Swansea Metropolitan University, Wales.

Prófessor við Swansea Metropolitan háskólann í Wales.

Mike Philips has a BSc in Civil Engineering, an MSc in Environmental Conservation Management and a PhD in Coastal Processes and Geomorphology. He is a member of the Severn Estuary Research Advisory Group for future management in response to climate change and sea-level rise and is currently vice-chairman of the Coastal and Marine Working Group of the Royal Geographical Society. He recently participated in the Fourth Global Conference on Oceans, Coasts, and Islands in Hanoi and in an expert panel at Coastal Zone Canada 2008. Mike has published over 50 research papers and book chapters and has recently been appointed to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Coastal Research. He is currently Head of the School of Built and Natural Environment at Swansea Metropolitan University and has taught coastal processes for many years at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.



Professor Phillips researches coastal management from both physical and human geography perspectives. This includes coastal processes and morphological responses to climate change and sea level rise. His research developed for the first time empirical formulae to assess beach change in response to forcing agents (water level, wind and waves), establishing a quantitative relationship between seaward and landward limits of the active beach profile.

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