Laura Alice Watt

Professor of Environmental History and Policy at Sonoma State University California

Prófessor í umhverfissagnfræði og stefnumótun við Sonoma ríkisháskólann í Kaliforníu, Bandarikjunum.

Laura Alice Watt is a professor of environmental history and policy at Sonoma State University, in Northern California. 

She is in Ísafjörður with a Fulbright-NSF Arctic Scholar grant to conduct historical research in Iceland. Her project aims to document the environmental history of a remote corner of Iceland’s Westfjords, specifically the Árneshreppur municipality and surrounding region of the Strandir coast, where a hydropower plant proposal has generated recent controversy. 

At Sonoma State, she teaches a number of courses in the Department of Geography, Environment, and Planning and is a  Graduate Coordinator for the Cultural Resource Management masters program. 

Outside of school she is an avid photographer and sailor.



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