Kristinn Hermannsson

Senior Lecturer in Educational Economics

Dósent við University of Strathclyde

Dr Kristinn Hermannsson is a senior lecturer in Educational Economics in the School of Education, University of Glasgow. He currently leads the Educational Leadership and Policy Research and Teaching Group. A graduate of the Universities of Strathclyde (PhD, MSc with distinction), Maastricht (MSc) and Reykjavik (BSc), his research interest is evaluation of socio-economic impacts of education and skills at national, regional and local levels. He has published widely on a broad range of economic impacts of education using data from the UK, Europe and low-income countries. He recently led a research project funded by the Scottish Funding Council and the Global Challenges Research Fund examining the role of language of instruction on skills formation in Malawi and was a co-investigator on an AHRC/ESRC/GHCRF project studying the skills and aspirations of Syrian refugees in the UK, Greece and Lebanon.



The role of language of instruction in educational and life outcomes in multilingual countries; Identifying the drivers of social origin pay gaps; Evaluating community and legacy impacts of school improvement projects in Malawi and Uganda; Regional distribution of tertiary education and its economic and social impacts.

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