Catherine Chambers

Program Director of CMM

Fagstjóri meistaranáms í haf- og strandsvæðastjórnun

Dr. Catherine Chambers is director of the master’s program in Coastal and Marine Management. She holds a PhD from University of Alaska Fairbanks, a master degree in Zoology from University of Southern Illinois and a bachelor degree from Drake University in Environmental Science. Her PhD dissertation was entitled "Fisheries management and fishing livelihoods in Iceland" and was part of the US National Science Foundation “Marine Ecosystem Sustainability in the Arctic and Subarctic” interdisciplinary training program.

Catherine Chambers’ research interests include fisheries management, coastal communities, and Arctic social-ecological systems. Her recent publications include “Thirty years after privatization: A survey of Icelandic small-boat fishermen,” “Community, change and conflict in Icelandic fisheries,” and earlier publications are on biology/zoology. She has also published a paper outlining a new guideline for teaching concepts of sustainability and interdisciplinary for University level courses.



Fisheries management, coastal communities, and Arctic social-ecological systems.

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