Auður H. Ingólfsdóttir

Research Specialist at the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre

Sérfræðingur við Rannsóknarmiðstöð ferðamála

Dr. Auður H Ingólfsdóttir holds a BA degree in international studies from University of Washington (Seattle), a post graduate diploma in professional journalism from University of Iceland, a Master degree in international relations from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University (Boston) and a joint PhD degree in international relations and gender studies from University of Lapland and University of Iceland. Her PhD dissertaion focused on climate change and security in the Arctic, where she used a feminist perspective to analyse norms and values shaping climate policy in Iceland.
Dr. Ingólfsdóttir was an Assistant Professor at Bifröst University, Iceland for 8 years (2010-2017), where she also served as the Head of the Social Science Department for two years (2011-2013). Courses she taught included: Sustainable Development and CSR, International Politics, Arctic Politics and Conflict and Peace Studies.
Before entering academia Auður worked as a journalist (1995-97), as a special advisor in the Ministry for the Environment (2002-2003) and as an independent consultant on environmental policy (2003-2007). She also spent some time in Sri lanka as a cease fire monitor (2006) and worked for one year as a gender advisor for UNIFEM (now UN Women) in the Balkans
Her research interests are in the field of sustainable tourism and include topics such as climate change and tourism, nature based tourism and CSR within the tourist sector. 



Alþjóðastjórnmál, loftslagsbreytingar og öryggismál á Norðurslóðum út frá feminískum kenningum og hugmyndafræði.

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