Sustainable Cultivation of Seaweed

The project, funded by the Nordic Council of Minsters, explored the potential of seaweed cultivation in the Nordic region based in literature research and by conducting small-scale tests. SUSCULT was led by the Finnish Environmental Institute and included partners from Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

In each area, partners set out small-scale cultivation tests focused on the low-tech solution of putting out substrate (lines) to see what and how much seaweed would naturally settle. This is in contrast to what is generally done in seaweed cultivation, which is seeding the lines in a laboratory.

The UW team of SUSCULT was lead by Dr. Catherine Chambers, research manager, and involved two UW students, Kerstin Frank and Nick Hoad, who worked as interns on the project, and UW Alumnus, Justin Brown, who worked as a research assistant in cooperation with Eldey Aqua, a local seaweed start-up company.