The timetable from summer 2020 gives you an idea of what each schoolday can be like. Each morning, you begin with traditional classroom instruction. In the afternoon we offer a wide variety of topics and teaching methodologies, including group work, problem-based-learning, self-directed learning, and conversation and pronunciation practice.

2020 Schedule

Classroom learning in the morning, Mon-Fri, 09-12: Icelandic grammar and vocabulary taught through lectures and exercises. Training in reading, writing and spoken skills up to CEFR level A2-B1.

Afternoon teaching, Mon-Fri, 14-18: The afternoon courses focus on the practical application of the language. Through fun lectures in easy Icelandic you learn the language in a varied way. Afternoon classes in 2020 were for instance: Ísafjörður walk, Icelandic Music, Iceland´s Nature, Baking PancakesChristmas in Iceland and more. 

Evening Courses: Mon-Fri, 20-22: How about ending the day with a movie? In Icelandic of course.