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Everyone is welcome in Ísafjörður
Everyone is welcome in Ísafjörður

The University Centre's Intermediate course is especially designed to meet the needs of people who want to improve their prior knowledge of Icelandic and at the same time experience the life in a small Icelandic town. This is an exciting summer course, in the magnificent surroundings of the remote Westfjords, and will increase students' skills in Icelandic.

19.08.2018 – 01.09.2018. Includes travel days.

The Intermediate course will cover reading and writing skills up to CERF level B1. Learning the language and culture will be a priority. The course includes 67 hours of varied and interesting instruction. The course location is at the University Centre of the Westfjords in Ísafjörður.
 Students will learn how to build up their Icelandic vocabulary in an effective way and will deepen their understanding of the structure of the language through lectures and exercises. Conversation exercises will include language games and problem-based learning in real situations. Pronunciation exercises will take many forms.
 In Ísafjörður, students will enjoy discovering the town's quaint bakeries, wandering the streets, and exploring the coastline. In Ísafjörður the students can go swimming, play golf and experience the beautiful nature all around. Participating in everyday life in a small town in the countryside is an especially pleasant way to get a feeling for Icelandic society.

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The University Centre of the Westfjords has several years of experience in hosting field schools for foreign students and offering courses in Icelandic language and culture. Also, the University Centre offers an international, cross disciplinary master's program in Coastal and marine management.