Roland Beshiri

Immigrants in rural Canada
Integration or Segregation, Development and Trends in Rural and Coastal Areas The presentation will describe the socio-economic conditions of immigrants in rural Canada. Comparisons will be made with immigrants of different arrival times and with Canadian-born residents. The lecture will also report on the more popular rural municipalities or regions where many immigrants are deciding to live in Canada. Finally, from surveys conducted at Statistics Canada, details of some of the reasons immigrants go to and stay at a location.

Roland Beshiri has worked with Statistics Canada for 10 years. Five of those years have been with the Research and Rural Data Section where he has worked on analyzing data in regard to rural issues and has written numerous bulletins about rural Canada, including immigration. These and other Rural and Small Town Canada Analysis Bulletins can be downloaded at:

Previous to this federal posting Roland worked for various Province of Ontario ministries and municipalities and with rural native communities in British Columbia. He obtained his masters degree in Rural Development and Planning from the University of Guelph in 1994.

Research and Statistics
Research and Statistics
Studies Based on the Longitudinal Immigrant Database (IMDB)
Recent Immigrants in Metropolitan Areas
Special Immigrant Studies

Rural Secretariat, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada
Use the SEARCH function with 'Immigrants' to find 131 documents about RURAL community discussions regarding immigration as part of community development. Also there are government policy documents. I have not looked very much at these documents but from what I have seen all these documents do not discuss immigration programs, policy or community interests in any great detail.
Go to the Statistics Canada site, 'Analytical Studies', use the SEARCH function with 'Immigrants' to find 72 detailed studies.

Impacts of Foreign Farm Workers in Ontario Communities (pdf)
Provincial Immigration Policy in Western Canada (pdf)
Immigrants in Rural Canada (pdf)