Hafliði H Hafliðason

This is how we do it.
Project Manager at the Development Centre of East Iceland, works closely with the Regional Asscoiation of Local Authorities in East Iceland and others on immigrant issues - BA in history and politics from the University of Iceland and MA in Global Political Economy from the University of Sussex.

The percentage of immigrants in East-Iceland has risen steadily in the last few years. Municipalities have not formed a special policy for serving immigrants, so for most of them the situation is unacceptable. The Regional Association of Local Authorities in East Iceland felt obligated to analyze the needs and conditions of immigrants in East Iceland.

The Regional Association of Local Authorities in East Iceland has been an active participant in projects related to immigrants in previous years. At their annual meeting in 2005, it was decided to establish a workgroup, which had the task to analyze the situation and make a report that could act as a ‘guide book’. Municipalities, individuals, companies, organisations and etc. were brought together and a project management-group of five was established in April 2006 to form the project. Since then, meetings have been held, a specialists opinion has been given, a conference was held in September 2006 and the report, Svona gerum við (e. This is how we do it) was published in February 2007. Mr. Haflidason’s lecture will reflect the work and conclusion of the report.