Gallery / Coastal and Marine Management 2012-2013

In the fall of 2012, Ægir Student Association hosted an International Buffet at one of the local restaurants. The buffet was well received by people in Ísafjörður and was great success. Photo:  Anja Bock.
Students visiting the shrimp factory Kampi in Ísafjörður: Photo: Chelsea Boaler.
Surfing in the Arctic Ocean. One of the outdoor activities that students in Coastal and Marine Management are engaged in is surfing on the beaches of the Westfjords. Photo: Megan O'Brien.
Kayaking in Ísafjörður. Photo: Anja Bock.
Kayaking in Ísafjörður. Photo: Lucian Renita.
Students have been very active in the community and have for example visited many companies that are connected with utilizing marine resources. Here students are visiting the local fishmonger Kári Jóhannsson at Fiskbúðin Sjávarfang. Photo: Lucian Renita.
Christmas Dinner at the University Centre, students staff and instructors. Photo: Johanna Humphrey.
During few months of the winter the sun cannot reach the town of Ísafjörður due to the high mountains that surround the town. When the sun comes back to shine on the streets, the locals celebrate by baking and eating
A field trip on the EIA and SEA course. In the first week of the course students received a presentation about avalanches from the Avalanche Research Centre of the Icelandic Meteorological Office, based in Ísafjörður. After the presentations students, along with instructor Gunnar Páll Eydal, went on a short field trip to look at some of the avalanche defense structures in the area along with some other structures for example breakwater structures along the coast of the town. Photo: Rob Salisbury.
On a field trip on the EIA and SEA course. Photo: Lucian Renita.