Course Description

The 2-week intermediate course covers reading, writing and conversation skills up to CEFR level B1 and includes approximately 55 hours of varied and interesting instruction. The course location is the University Centre of the Westfjords in Ísafjörður.

The course materials are provided by the teachers in form of photocopies and other materials. The material is included in the course fee, and will be available at the University Centre of the Westfjords upon your arrival. 

Language of teaching is mainly Icelandic. The teacher will however use English as an assisting language to explain difficult contents, as for instance grammar questions. 

Please check out the prerequisites before applying for this course. 

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Photo: Andres Peters.
Photo: Andres Peters.

The course begins on Monday morning, 22 August 2022 at the University Centre of the Westfjords, and concludes on Friday 2nd September 2022.

As you typically need to spend one overnight in Reykjavík on the way to Ísafjörður from abroad (see Getting to Ísafjörður), you should book your flight to Iceland so that you arrive in Reykjavík (Keflavík airport) no later than the evening of 20 August (Saturday). You should not arrive later than Sunday evening August 21st in Ísafjörður.

Similarly, if you are leaving directly after class on friday afternoon, you should not book a flight leaving Iceland any earlier than the morning of September 3rd (Saturday). Please note that all travel arrangements are your own responsibility.

The timetable from summer 2020 gives you an idea of what each schoolday can be like. Each morning, you begin with traditional classroom instruction. In the afternoon we offer a wide variety of topics and teaching methodologies, including group work, problem-based-learning, self-directed learning, and conversation and pronunciation practice.

2020 Schedule

Classroom learning in the morning, Mon-Fri, 09-12: Icelandic grammar and vocabulary taught through lectures and exercises. Training in reading, writing and spoken skills up to CEFR level A2-B1.

Afternoon teaching, Mon-Fri, 14-18: The afternoon courses focus on the practical application of the language. Through fun lectures in easy Icelandic you learn the language in a varied way. Afternoon classes in 2020 were for instance: Ísafjörður walk, Icelandic Music, Iceland´s Nature, Baking PancakesChristmas in Iceland and more. 

Evening Courses: Mon-Fri, 20-22: How about ending the day with a movie? In Icelandic of course.