Crash Course A1 Description

This is an exciting one week course, taught in the spring and summer, in the magnificent surroundings of the remote Westfjords, and will prepare you for living and studying in Iceland.

Course dates: 

Winter Course - again in 2020 – Ísafjörður 
Spring Course - 13.05.-17.05.2019 – Ísafjörður
Summer course: 15.08.2018-20.08.2019 - Ísafjörður 

The University Centre's crash course is an intensive beginners course in Icelandic language and culture and is especially designed to meet the needs of students who plan to stay in Iceland for a semester or two or for people that want to learn Icelandic the fast way.

The Icelandic course is all about getting to know the Icelandic language without formal grammar teaching. The students will be taught basic Icelandic vocabulary through lectures and exercises. Conversation exercises will include language games and problem-based learning in real situations. Pronunciation exercises will take many forms.

The course is taught at the University Centre of the Westfjords in Ísafjörður. In Ísafjörður, students can discover the town´s quaint bakeries, wander the streets, and explore the coastline. Especially during wintertime, wind and weather can be harsh, but that's Iceland. Participating in everyday life in a small town in the countryside is a pleasant way to get a feeling for Icelandic society.

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The University Centre of the Westfjords has several years of experience in hosting field schools for foreign students and offering courses in Icelandic language and culture. Also, the University Centre offers two international, cross disciplinary master's programs: Coastal and marine management and Coastal Communities and Regional Development.

Group 2010, final dinner at Tjöruhús
Group 2010, final dinner at Tjöruhús
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