On a mountain top above the town of Ísafjörður.
On a mountain top above the town of Ísafjörður.
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Prerequisites, Course material, Levels, Exam

The only prerequisite for taking this course is Icelandic Online Bjargir. 

We want to bring you forward during your language course. For that end, you should come well prepared. The free Internet course is an excellent learning tool that you should take advantage of. We expect all participants in the beginners cours to have worked through the Bjargir part (= survival part for absolute beginners) of the course. Our teachers will build upon that level. 

The online course is free, but our colleagues at University of Iceland, who provide, need to have informatin about how many learners are using it and therefore require registration.

The course materials in Ísafjörður are provided by the teachers in form of photocopies and other materials. The material is included in the course fee and will be available at the University Centre of the Westfjords on arrival. You might want to bring your own dictionary. Basic dictionaries are also available in the local bookstores in Ísafjörður.

The course will be on CEFR-level A1-A2. You will find the CEFR-standards under the following link: Common European Framework of References for Languages.

All participants receive in the end of the course a confirmation of participation. However, some of the participants need a graded certificate. For that reason, we have developed a test in four competencies: Reading comprehension, writing, listening comprehension and communication, each available on level A1, A2 and B1. Students that want to take an exam need to sign up for it in advance and disburse a fee of 7.500 ISK. The test will be offered on the last day of teaching. 


The tuition fee is 90.000 ISK and has to be paid by bank transfer to the following account or by credit card (see below) no later than two weeks after you receive your confirmation letter (see further under the Applications tab to the right):

If you pay by bank transfer please be sure to add the reference number 1521 with the payment. 

Account Name : Haskolasetur Vestfjarda
Account Number : 0154 26 4000
Account Address : Sudurgata 12, 400 Isafjordur, Iceland
Swift Number : NBIIISRE
IBAN Number : IS29 0154 26 004000 610705 0220
Name of Bank : NBI hf
Address of Bank: Austurstæti 11, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland


Please do not forget to list your name on the bank transfer, especially if you are not the holder of the account from which the payment is made. We kindly ask you to also send a confirmation to As soon as we have received your payment we will send you a confirmation.

Pay by credit card

For further information please contact

To submit an application please press here.

As soon as you receive your confirmation letter of registration please pay the course fee, 90.000 ISK. The course fee must be settled within two weeks of your acceptance in order to guarantee your place on the course. In case you are not able to meet this deadline please contact us to be sure that there is still space on the course.

We expect all registrations and payments to be done no later than June 30th. You are welcome to send an application after 30.06.2019 but applications/payments after that date will be dependent on availability. 

Once you receive your letter of acceptance you need to arrange your travles and book your accommodation. Note that transport and accommodation is not included in the course fee.