Icelandic Courses

Ísafjörður is an especially exciting place to learn Icelandic. A friendly small town in the beautiful surroundings of the remote Westfjords. 

Every summer we offer a variety of Icelandic courses from level A1/A2 up to B2 as well as a one-week crash course. 

The University Centre of the Westfjords in Ísafjörður invites you to join us in a friendly learning atmosphere where class work and fieldtrips are combined. For all further information about each course please take a look at the menu to the left or click the links below. Please contact if you have any questions about the courses. 

Language learning is an individual endeavor and different for everyone. Students should evaluate themselves what course can be beneficial to their progress in learning Icelandic and apply accordingly. Please inform yourself about the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR) and check out the self-assessment grid in order to profile your language skills. If you are unsure to what course you should apply to, please send us an email to 

Dates for 2023 

3-week Beginners Course (A1-A2): July: 31.07.-17.08., 2023

1-week Crash Course (A1): May: 15.05.-19.05., 2023 and August: 14.08.-18.08., 2023

2-week Intermediate Course (A2-B1): August/September: 21.08.-01.09., 2023

1-week Advanced (Conversation) Course (B1-B2): April: 01.04.-06.04., 2023 and August: 07.08.-11.08., 2023  

We are looking forward to receiving your application. 

You can find the application form here. Make sure you select the correct course that you are applying for. Please fill out the form, save it, and send it to If you experience any trouble applying, please let us know.

All courses are taught at the University Centre of the Westfjords in Ísafjörður. We look forward to welcoming you to learn Icelandic with us.  

We would like to inform you about the event "Tungumálatöfrar" (The Language Magic). It is a summer course for multilingual children from age 5 to 11. The course takes place in Ísafjörður each year in early August. You can find further information on Facebook or can direct your questions to


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