Physical Processes of Coastal Environments

Námskeið: CMM 02

Kennari: Paolo Stocchi

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The course focuses on oceanic and coastal environments, emphasising the relationship between physical processes and management strategies. The physical environment, i.e. waves, currents, sediment movement, beaches, erosion/deposition mechanisms, as well as potential consequences of sea-level rise and global warming, is integrated with anthropogenic dimensions, i.e. usage, coastal defence, pollution (e.g. persistent marine debris) and resource exploitation. The course also gives students an understanding of the consequences of human interactions with both marine and coastal environments as well as an introduction to quantitative techniques for data processing, measuring and data presentation in the field of coastal and marine management.


Paolo Stocchi is a Tenure Track researcher at the Department of Coastal Systems of the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research in Texel (NL). Paolo's background spans geophysics, geology, glaciology, oceanography, climatology. He graduated at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the University of Urbino "Carlo Bo" (Italy) in 2003. Paolo obtained his Ph.D in Geophysics at the University of Bologna (Italy) in 2007 and since then he has held research positions at TU Delft (NL), Utrecht University (NL) and NIOZ (NL).

Paolo's research focuses on the reconstruction of past sea-level fluctuations by integrating numerical models for ice sheets and glacial isostatic adjustment with geological and archaeological field data. Paolo is currently involved in several national and international projects and cooperations that aim at investigating the connections between cryosphere, solid Earth, oceans and bio-ecology by means of dynamical couplings.