Welfare and Development: Concepts and Indicators

The course Welfare and Development: Concepts and Indicators is taught from February 14-25. The course is taught by Dr. Gylfi Ólafsson, the CEO of Westfjords Healthcare Institute.

About the course: What is a good place to live? This question doesn't have a straight answer. And even if you try to measure it numerically—say using GDP, education level, even happiness—every indicator will only answer a small part of the question.

This course will introduce a range of commonly available socioeconomic indicators. Students will learn about their pros and cons, where these can be found, learn how to visualize indicators on maps and answer for themselves what constitutes a good place to live and how they would measure it. 

The course is one of the elective courses of the master’s programs in Coastal Communities and Regional Development and Coastal and Marine Management.

All master’s level courses at the University Centre are open to participants from other universities as well from the corporate world. The language of instruction is English, as the student group is international.

All further information about application procedures, entry requirements and course fees are available at the Open Courses webpage.