Talking Science

The course Talking Science is taught from January 24 to February 11. The course is taught by Dr. Uta Reichardt a post-doc at the Institute for Sustainability Studies, University of Iceland.

"Talking Science" is about communicating scientific content - within academia and (more importantly) beyond - to get the word out there, be heard, understood and create a conversation. The course is a hands-on workshop to explore and apply creative ways to translate and exhibit research in various contexts. It draws from a range of different fields to provide insights and examples for articles and reports, oral presentations and narrative-based science communication. Through the course, students will undertake substantial practice to expand their science communication skills.

The course is one of the elective courses of the master’s programs in Coastal Communities and Regional Development and Coastal and Marine Management.

All master’s level courses at the University Centre are open to participants from other universities as well from the corporate world. The language of instruction is English, as the student group is international.

All further information about application procedures, entry requirements and course fees are available at the Open Courses webpage.