The kitchen window – an ode to everyday life

Our guest in this week’s Lunch Lecture is folklorist Sæbjörg Freyja Gísladóttir. Something very casual will be the starting point for her talk: the kitchen window. Many of us spend a lot of time in front of the kitchen window, not necessarily to spy on our neighbours or to admire the view, rather because a lot of our daily routines take place there, cooking and tidying up. The objects that end up on the window sill and make a frame for our view, are often personal, they both carry a special meaning for us and tell a story.

In this lecture Sæbjörg Freyja Gísladóttir will tell us about a photo exhibition that took place on social media, Facebook, in May this year. In the exhibition 30 individuals shared a picture of their kitchen window, along with a story about the objects on the window sill. The kitchen window often carries a deeper meaning in the everyday life of each individual, a meaning that is not visible to outsiders.

Sæbjörg Freyja Gísladóttir earned her degree in ethnology from the University of Iceland 2016. Her master thesis focused on village Flateyri, Hafið eða fjöllin, um Flateyri og fólkið þar (e. The Sea or the Mountains, on Flateyri and its inhabitants). This ethnographic study will be published as a book in November 2019. In 2014 Sæbjörg moved to Flateyri along with her children and has been living there since. She has e.g. been carrying out research, worked as principal of the local playschool and also as a reporter an editor for local online newspaper Bæjarins Besta,

Lunch Lectures take place in the University Centre cafeteria 12:10-13 and are open to all. This particular talk will be given in Icelandic. Welcome.


Looking out the kitchen window of Sæbjörg Freyja Gísladóttir, Flateyri.
Looking out the kitchen window of Sæbjörg Freyja Gísladóttir, Flateyri.