EU and the Arctic Region

An open seminar on the European Union and the Arctic Region will be held at the Univerisity Centre of the Westfjords during lunch hour Monday December 14 featuring H.E. Matthias Brinkmann, Head of the Delegation of the European Union in Iceland, as the main speaker. Please note that this is a new date since the morning flight on the previously advertised day was cancelled. The seminar is held by the University Centre in collaboration with the Delegation.

The Arctic has been moving higher up the international agenda, as there is an increasing awareness about climate change and its consequences in the region. Major parts of the Arctic are in Europe. The developments in the Arctic will have a significant impact on European climate, economy and politics. There are a number of reasons for the EU’s interest in the Arctic, and it is already considerably engaged in the region.

In this seminar, Ambassador Brinkmann will present the EU's perspective on the Arctic. He will outline the main reasons for EU's engagement with the Arctic as well as describe the main objectives of the EU in the Arctic stemming from three principles: knowledge, responsibility and engagement. Ambassador Brinkmann will also touch upon the EU's expectations for the Paris climate conference (COP21) this December.

The seminar will take place in English.

The American research vessel Knorr by the shores of Greenland. Photograph: Sindre Skrede