Community archaeology: A collaborative project in Iceland

This week’s Lunch lecturer is Alexandra Tyas, University Centre alumna and PhD student. In her talk Alex will discuss research being undertaken as fulfilment of a doctorate degree, and she will include the current management issues within Iceland, results of a public survey, and the progress of the project so far.

Research on coastal and underwater heritage in Iceland has raised issues in the current surveying and management of sites, such problems as; lack of funding, the lacking number of professionals in the field, and the large number of underwater sites requiring surveying in order to provide a baseline understanding of the current condition. Internationally, projects developed to tackle these issues suggest community engagement in archaeology is an effective and sustainable heritage management method. Using the approaches of other successful projects from around the world, a methodology for effective public engagement in underwater archaeology in Iceland is being developed, and pilot tested. 

The lecture will be streamed on the Internet via Zoom. The broadcast begins at 12:10.

Alex is a PhD candidate in archaeology at the University of Iceland, her research being in public engagement in underwater archaeology. Alex has a background in Ocean Science and Coastal and Marine Management, graduating from the University Centre of the Westfjords in 2016.

The Lunch Lecture takes place in the University Centre cafeteria starting at 12:10. The talk is open to all.

We remind guests to pay attention to personal infection control.

Alex Tyas engaged in her research, with colleagues.