Getting to Hrafnseyri/Þingeyri

Hrafnseyri is on the northerly coast of Arnarfjörður, south of Þingeyri, with limited public transport; winter time it is normally inaccessible because of high mountain roads.

When travelling with public transportation to Þingeyri, you usually pass through Ísafjörður, the capital of the Westfjords. To get to Ísafjörður there are two options:
1. Public bus: Only operated during high season (mid June to mid August). The timetable has not yet been released, but should be posted on the website Please confirm timings before making plans. If you come by ferry boat Baldur to the southerly Westfjords, you could make it to Hrafnseyri directly twice a week.
2. Air travel: There are normally two scheduled flights daily from Reykjavík to Ísafjörður, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. They can be booked online at You will save considerably by booking well in advance. Flights leave from the Reykjavík domestic airport, not from Keflavík International airport. From Keflavík international airport, you take the FlyBus to Reykjavík main bus station and a smaller FlyBus onwards to either your hotel or the domestic airport. In case of time pressure, you can take a taxi for the short trip from the main bus station to the domestic airport. Both the FlyBus as well as the taxi within Reykjavík can be paid by credit card.

When arriving at Ísafjörður airport on Monday late afternoon, we shall collect you there. If you arrive earlier, you will find the little FlyBus outside. It brings you directly to your destination in Ísafjörður, either your guest house or the University Centre. Please note, that here you have to pay cash.
3. If you arrive by car you can choose between road 60 through the southerly Westfjords (shortest connection directly to Hrafnseyri/Þingeyri) or road 60/61 through Hólmavík.

Please notify us of your means of travel on the application form. We are happy to assist you with planning of transportation.

If you arrive before 07.06., you would take the public bus from the centre of Ísafjörður to Þingeyri. It departs daily at 15.00 and 18.00.


Coming to Hrafnseyri Monday, 07.06.10: We will arrange a bus/cars from Ísafjörður to Hrafnseyri with the following departures:
Ísafjörður airport after landing, ca. 17:50 - University Centre 18:00, Þingeyri/Café Simbahöllin 19:00
Latest flight to Ísafjörður before course start: Monday evening, 07.06.10
Earliest flight from Ísafjörður after course end: Saturday evening, 12.06.10


Please see also information under Course Dates.