Course Dates

Cultural Tourism and Identity 08.-12. June 2010

On Monday, 07.06.2010, 19:30, the evening before the course starts, there will be an Ice Breaker in Hrafnseyri, where participants get to know each other and meet with the instructors and organisers. All participants should therefore make sure to be in Þingeyri/Hrafnseyri by that time. The course then begins on Tuseday morning, 09.06., 10:00 and concludes on Saturday 13.06. in the afternoon.

We expect you on the late afternoon flight to Ísafjörður 07.06.10, arrival 17:40: We will arrange a bus/cars from Ísafjörður to Hrafnseyri with the following departures:

Ísafjörður airport after landing, ca. 17:50 - University Centre 18:00 - Þingeyri/Café Simbahöllin 19:00 - Hrafnseyri ca. 19:30
If you are already in Ísafjörður by 07.06.10: Meet us at the University Centre, Suðurgata 12 from 17:30. Bus/Car departure at ca. 18:00.
If you are already in Þingeyri by the 07.06.10: Meet us for the bus to Hrafnseyri in the coffee house Simbahöllin, Fjarðargata 5, from 19:00, departure for Hrafnseyri: ca. 19:30
Latest flight to Ísafjörður before course start: Monday late afternoon, 07.06.10
Earliest flight from Ísafjörður after course end: Saturday late afternoon, 12.06.10, 18:05
Latest flight to Iceland/Keflavík before course start: Monday morning, 07.06.10
Earliest flight from Iceland/Keflavík after course end: Sunday morning, 13.06.10

Please see Getting to Hrafnseyri.

As there is no public transport from Þingeyri to Ísafjörður on weekends, we will make sure that you can reach the flight from Ísafjörður on Sunday evening by bus or private cars.
We would be pleased if you extended your stay in the Westfjords for some days. For later departures you would use the public bus from Þingeyri to Ísafjörður. Please note that overnight stays in Reykjavík are your own responsibility. Please contact us if you need help finding a convenient guest house or hotel.