Geographical Information Systems 4 ECTS

CMM21 Elective course
Period W6 - W7 18.02.13 - 1.03.13
Instructor Astrid Fehling


Introduction to the concepts, principles, approaches, and issues associated with Geographical Information Systems. No previous exposure to GIS necassary. The course will provide the student with an understanding of the basic concepts of GIS and its role as a data management tool in coastal zone management. It will provide students with an understanding of the techniques of GIS data and spatial analysis. The course is divided between lectures and laboratories and an emphasis is places on practical experience using GIS software (ArcGIS).

Learning outcomes

On completing this course the student will have:
  • An awareness of the main sources of spatially referenced data
  • Skills and practical experience in handling spatially referenced data
  • A knowledge of GIS data, data models and spatial databases
  • An appreciation of issues relating to data quality in GIS
  • An awareness of how GIS is used in coastal zone management



[mynd 1 h]Astrid Fehling is from Hamburg, Germany. She came to Iceland in 2010 as a part time student of the CMM masters program. Fallen in love with this place and always wanted to live so close to the sea, she is staying in Ísafjörður since. Astrid holds a bachelor's degree in Geography (University of Bremen, Germany) and has recently received her master's degree in Environmental Management from the University of Kiel, Germany. In her master's thesis, Astrid addressed the involvement of stakeholder in coastal and marine management projects, using a project from the Westfjords as a case study. Her particular interest throughout her studies focused on the investigation, planning and protection of coastal regions as well as integrative management concepts to find solutions for complex environmental issues including socio-economic components.

Guest lecturer

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