We have collected some of the talks/paper that were presented at CoastGIS 2018 for you. We will update this page as we receive new contributions. 


Ana Bio et al.: Combining low-cost sonar and high-precision GNSS for river and estuarine bathymetry

Andrew Sherin1, Alexi Baccardax Westcott1 and Jeff McKenna2 - 1COINAtlantic Secretariat; 2Gateway Geomatics: Maintaining currency and reliability for information services relevant to coastal zone management

Andrew Sherin, Alexi Baccardax Westcott – COINAtlantic Secretariat: Reprise on the COINAtlantic Data Accessibility Self-Assessment Tool: Adding FAIRness

Andrus Meier - European Environment Agency, Copenhagen: Copernicus land monitoring service for coastal zones.

Armand LaRocque1, Brigitte Leblon1, Kevin Connor2, Alan R. Hanson3, Raymond Jahncke4 - 1Remote Sensing Laboratory, Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, University of New Brunswick; 2Fish and Wildlife Branch, Department of Natural Resources, Government of New Brunswick; 3Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment and Climate Change; 4Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, St-Mary’s University, Canada: Wetland Mapping in New Brunswick (Canada) with Landsat-8 OLI, Alos-1 PALSAR L-band, Sentinel-1 C-band, and Lidar Data.

Brigitte Leblon1David Forsey1, Armand Larocque1, Angela Douglas2, Marc Skinner3 1Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, University of New, Brunswick; 2Southern Gulf of Saint-Lawrence Coalition on Sustainability; 3Stantec Consulting Ltd.: Mapping eelgrass beds in New Brunswick (Canada) using WorldView 2 optical images

Eydís Líndal Finnbogadóttir - Arctic SDI Board Member & Acting Director General, National Land Survey of Iceland: Enabling Access to Arctic Location-Based Information

Guillaume Mari, P. Bernatchez, S. Drejza, C. Fraser, M. Lapointe St-Pierre, P. Sauvé - Laboratoire de dynamique et de gestion intégrée des zones côtières, Université du Québec à Rimouski: Adaptation to coastal hazards in the context of climate change: the example of a research-action program developing useful tools for coastal municipalities in Quebec (Canada)

Sarah Kandrot: Shorelines - The Coastal Atlas of Ireland