The university Centre of the Westfjords hosts conferences and lectures of all types and sizes; from large international conferences on culture, nature or science, to small informal gatherings on any number of topics. Conference facilities in Ísafjörður, and across the Westfjords, are exemplary and offer many opportunities for memorable outings and activities.

Lunch lectures

A longstanding feature at the University Centre are regular public lectures, called ‘Vísindaport’. They are usually held at lunchtime on Fridays at the University Centre and are usually short introductions to varied research projects, followed by an informal discussion session. An impressive 500 lectures and presentations have already been held under the ‘Vísindaport’ banner since the beginning. The lectures enjoy great popularity in Ísafjörður and there is regularly a full house.

Those interested in presenting a Vísindaport lecture are invited to contact the University Centre.

The University Centre of the Westfjords is well-suited to all sorts of lectures and the Centre is at the service of all interested in giving a lecture connected to research, science and the sharing of knowledge.

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