Coastal Communities and Regional Development

The master's program in Coastal Communities and Regional Development introduces students to various methods for understanding the changes and challenges of coastal communities development. The courses include subjects such as geography, sociology, economics, and planning.

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Teaching Schedule 2022-2023

Teaching Schedule 2021-2022

Please note that the purple boxes to the right are CCRD core courses, light orange boxes are elective courses and the dark orange boxes are core courses that are also intended for Coastal and Marine Management students.

The program consists of core courses and elective courses, plus the thesis. Core subjects are taught mainly at the beginning of the program, as they form the basis for subsequent teaching. The program focuses on development and planning and courses promote an interdisciplinary approach. The curriculum is structured so that the courses give students a holistic view of the subject, at the same time as remaining accessible to external students. Emphasis is placed on practical approaches and solutions to real-life problems.